On My Own Technology - OMOTEC has won 18 International Awards while competing with 63 countries, 42 National Awards, with 2 filed patents and 6 published research papers. These are some accomplishments compared to many that we have where our CONTENT and DELIVERY MECHANISM for Robotics, Automation, Innovation & Research Curriculum SCORES BEST in past 4 years of our bootstrapped existence. We can proudly claim that we are the largest innovation fostering Institute in INDIA winning NASA & Robotic Olympiad competitions to enabling stellar performance by students in INTEL & Google Science research fairs

  • Recognised with 2 patents and a couple of published Research Papers which are the backbone of path breaking innovation work being done with Students for creating products that shall solve problems of today and tomorrow.
  • 6 Innovation Labs, training 5000+ students on a monthly basis, OMOTEC has the requisite skill sets, educational tools, structured curriculum and intellectual capital to deliver the learning objectives which are at par with global benchmarks.
  • We have put in 8 years of focussed research and developed Tech subjects where students can experiment and explore electronics, mechanical material and coding. 

Our knowledge, brainstorming and research has triggered our thought for a lab, curriculum and an ecosystem that could support SCIENTIFIC CREATIVITY and the APPLICATION OF REAL KNOWLEDGE TO REALLY BUILD from IDEA TO EXECUTION

OMOTEC – As the MIT of India

  • Build a strong CV with Technology focused skilling
Physics / Electronics
Economics + Math

Healthcare / Medicine
Psychology / Behavior
+ Math +

OMOTEC Aims to be the MIT of India

TECH SCHOOL - Ideas to Execution

Students learn Interdisciplinary engineering, logical & creative skills of: DESIGN-THINKING, CODING, ELECTRONICS, AUTOMATION, ANALYTICS

Students can Design & Create the Mechanical structure which is charged with Electronic Circuit, Automated through Coding & Analytics

Provide hands-on application-based knowledge (online & offline) where students Create to Innovate AUTOMATED TECHNOLOGY Based on identifying real-world problem and working on a executable SOLUTIONS

About Innovation & Research – Ideology

AT OMOTEC we have focussed on APPLIED KNOWLEDGE OF three subjects

to make build or prototype any gadget, machine, app, website, data or innovation that will transform Scientific Ideas to Execution.

We have specialized in technology subjects and delivery mechanisms that enables our students to do that and to our unique patent content and fortune it has resulted in International acclaims, Patents and Product commercialization for students. We rightfully claim that we own the space for being the

"Largest space for K12 Applied Intelligence & Innovation Hub of India with Largest number of awards, research papers and patents by students in the field of "

  • Every Student will have his own Identity, and therefore his very own resume
  • OMOTEC maps Technology to your Passion + Interest
  • Creates better opportunity with IVY league colleges
  • Projects related to your subject/ area specialization
  • We specialize in skilling and execution of projects combining subjects of your interest and combining it to industry relevant field of technology

OMOTEC’s Globally appreciated projects

Bubble for Foot trouble - A Novel Sole Design For Astronaut To Stimulate Lower Body Blood Circulation

Bubble for Foot trouble : A Novel Sole Design For Astronaut To Stimulate Lower Body Blood Circulation

Dent-In : Self Detector for scanning dental plaque, tartar & cavity

Dent-In : Self Detector for scanning dental plaque, tartar & cavity

Advance Smart Road Deformation Detection System (Advance Pot-hole Detection)

Advance Smart Road Deformation Detection System (Advance Pot-hole Detection)

OMOTEC’s Global Achievements

Our Published Research Papers & Achievements

Autonomous UV Sanitization Robot with Social Distancing, Body Temperature and Mask Detection Using Automatic Path Planning and Multi-Terrain Capabilities

  • Uses UV light as disinfectant (UVGI) – Ultra violet germicidal Irradiation
  • Special Rotating Outward flaps
  • Bell drive mechanism to form
  • locomotive base
  • Rotating flippers connected to
  • Shaft of the main wheel
  • Multi-Terrain Capability to make it
  • Versatile for deployment
  • Image processing to screen and
  • Detect prerequisite

Advance Smart Road Deformation Detection System

Geo-Mapping Pothole in Google Maps using Vision based tracking system & MATLAB Algorithms in a real environment.

Our Other Innovation Projects

Deep Learning Depression with Smartphone Usage

  • Using a combination of mobile app and server to get google, Spotify, and Twitter data.
  • Data is anonymously collected, stripped, cleaned, and analysed for anomalies and outliers.
  • The focus is only on bipolar disorder and depression to ensure results are accurate and useful.
  • To prove this hypothesis, correlation of data from google form, phone usage and mental condition.
  • Finally detect changes in mental stability without the intervention of human psychiatrist, thus flagging the problem before it gets worst

Scalable measure of Dyslexia in young children through eyeball tracking and phonological testing using machine learning algorithms

  • Detecting dyslexia disorder with Machine Learning and Image Processing
  • Web-Camera tracks eye movement of children reading and help understand the time taken to read and fixation of time to understand is calculated
  • The algorithm also consists of phonology that capture the speech to text to understand the main words not spelt well