Automation is new future, you see everything around you being operated with a click of a button or swipe of a finger. Coding, Technology and Digital world are the new subjects.

Why is STEM important, it allows students to EXPERIENCE & EXECUTE through hands on practical knowledge not restricting them to definitions and chapters.

Applied Knowledge of HOW MACHINES WORK will be the key. Expose them to creating circuits, coding apps, automating machines. Our carefully designed courses for this age group allows them to understand Coding, Electronic Circuitry, Design and Simulation allowing them to transform their their conceptual knowledge of Science into real applied knowledge of machines.

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Scratch Advance Online Course
Scratch Math Online Course
MIT App Inventor Online Course
Electronics Level 1 Online Course
Electronics Level 2
Java Coding Level 1
Junior Autodesk 360 Level 1
Python Coding Block 1
Python Coding Block 2