At a young age of 5, 6 & 7 years kids are in the world of Fairytales and imagination with their super heroes and princess.

Our course of Scratch and 3D Design is an interactive platform of block coding which enables them to create these stories that children fantasize. Children use their favorite characters like Tom & Jerry, Rapunzel, Ninja, Doctor Strange Pokemon to animate and create scenes, games & images through coding & bringing their imagination to reality.

During the course they learn CODING which is step-by-step Logical thinking and execution, correlating their imagination with execution, response to simple coding instructions in terms of movement, sound, characters, switching tasks, applying simple conditions and more.

Check the course details and book a free trail for child to start with this new world of coding.

Learning in Lockdown ? A must watch Video for Parents

Online course Scratch Junior for Kids at OMOTEC
Online course Scratch Basic for Kids at OMOTEC
Online course Scratch Advance for Kids at OMOTEC
Online course 3D Design & Modelling for Kids


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