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Robot is nothing but an AUTOMATED MACHINE. Thus to be a part of this futuristics, robotic world it is important to learn how Machines Work & then how Machines are Automated.

Our course on Electronics & Arduino focusses on components and concepts for MAKING & AUTOMATING machines. These courses will aide their practical knowledge of Science & Math academic knowledge and allow them to relate it to the real world.

Coding improves Logical, Computational, Mathematical, Reasoning and Problem Solving skills. Learning various technology based courses will give them an insight into how various industries work eg: which automatic machines uses what concepts, the technology used by different industries & most importantly where is the future going.

To thrive in tomorrow's world, you need to have Next Generation Skills for APPLIED Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Check the course details and book a free trail for child to start with this new world of coding.

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MIT App Inventor Level 2 Online Course
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