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KFC To Introduce 3D Printed Chicken Nuggets Soon

Most of you might not be very well aware of what is 3D Bioprinting. Introduced in the 21st century, it is a mind-blowing procedure of growing tissues in laboratories.

With the passage of time and the said subject taking folds in advances, it would soon be possible to put an end to drug testing on humans and animals. It is a solution to organ shortage and would make a massive impact on organ donations. 3D Bioprinting is one of the most significant developments in Biomedical and Science that we witnessed.

Organovo is one of the leading companies working on the subject and has successfully produced liver tissues. As of now, the field has grown up to make 3D printed tissues; however, the experts say it is not late when the technology will be able to produce complete organs as well as blood vessels, etc.

3D printing chicken nuggets is where this whole phenomenon becomes a lot more interesting and especially for food lovers. KFC is now to produce Bioprinted Chicken Nuggets with the help of using the same technique. Replicating plant materials with that of chicken cells would still result in a non-vegetarian chicken nugget. After advances in the fields of pharmaceuticals and medicines, the procedure is taking loops of breakthroughs in the food industry. The claims are mass production of meat would also be possible with the use of 3D Bioprinting.

The technology would cater to the shortage of processed foods, meat, etc. At the same time, it will consume less land and resources. The mass production through 3D Bioprinting would be cheaper and more effective in terms of time.

KFC, with its collaboration with Russian 3D Bioprinting, says the texture and taste would be just the same as that of a real chicken nugget, despite it being healthier.


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