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Top 5 Lego Robotics Classes & Lessons

How can you drive your kid’s enthusiasm to learn fascinating concepts related to science and technology at a young age? Introduce them to the world of Lego robotics. This medium of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education will teach basic concepts of robotics and coding. Imagine how thrilling these classes will be, where young minds will learn how to build a Lego robot from scratch!

5 online robotics classes for kids

To start with, you will have to find the most efficient Lego robotics classes near me. For that, get an idea of which classes to choose and where to begin. Here is a list of online courses that can be classified according to age group and robotics concepts.

1. Online Robotics and Coding – Grade 1 & 2

This course comprises coding for beginners, the basic foundation of coding, advanced exploration of programming language, and 3D design & modelling.

Students will learn block coding stepwise and take the first step to animation. They will also develop logical reasoning, creative thinking, and other mandatory skills to enhance their imagination power.

2. Advance Coding & Designing with Scientific Maths – Grade 3 & 4

Once the introductory course gets completed, this well-designed coding and robotics course can be a great platform to nurture their skills. They will learn basic to advance coding for creating games, scenes, designs, and objects with their imagination. All these courses will offer certificates from  

The courses in this segment are based on creating a basic foundation of coding, exploring programming language, coding mathematical concepts & tables, mathematical 3D design simulation, and Minecraft coding.

3. Game of Robotics Coding – Grade 5 & 6

Seven courses in this segment offer four quarters of Lego robotics classes near me. Students will be introduced to the 3D gaming world, basic electronics, AI exploration, web development, and block coding.

An aspirant will find mentors guiding them to use a Lego robotics kit online to develop hands-on skills and learning. They will learn to code and use it to create various robotic components.

4. 3D World with Programming – Grade 7 & 8

This segment also offers seven certified courses where students learn game designing with JAVA and Python, 3D design, programming with robotics and electronics, logic building in complex games, etc.

They will also be exposed to hands-on experience related to robotic coding and building basic robots using Lego kits.

5. Machine Automation with Professional Programming – Grade 9 & 10

This course is an advanced set of courses in robotics and coding where aspirants will learn python programming, image processing, computer vision with electronics, and machine automation.

These courses will offer STEM certification and personalized coaching from experienced engineers and other mentors.


These courses have been designed and conducted according to the grades of aspirants. Aspirants introduced to Lego robotics and coding will gain a better insight into emerging science, technology, and engineering trends. These STEM learning courses will shape their intuitive minds in a better way.

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