Webinar- FTC & FRC (OMOTEC)

FIRST Competitions combine the excitement of sport with the rigor of science and technology.
Teams are put through a multi-layered program of Building real mechanisms, Coding, Working for Community & Social outreach and strategic planning of alliance & game execution

OMOTEC is announcing registrations for FTC – 7 month preparation time with 150 hours of training
FRC – 9 month preparation time with 250 hours of training

We are starting training from July 1st where it is divided into two parts:
Skilling and Preparation in the first phase
Making, Testing and Practicing in the second phase

Get Trained by the Professionals working on Real life-size Robots, Use and experiment with industry-level tools & Machinery, and most importantly PLAY TO WIN.

Please attend our briefing session on Sunday, 28-June-2020, 10:00 AM to understand a detailed plan of the 150/250 sessions, learnings and competition details.

Registration link: