Why Virtual Reality is About to Change the World

Virtual reality poses to be a useful technology for the world at large. Take a look at a few ways in which this new technology will change the world.

Virtual reality poses to be one of the foremost future technologies. While it may still seem like a niche product today, as it comes into prominence in the technology space, more and more developers will tackle integrating VR into their apps and devices. 

VR is currently nearing the cusp of global adoption. It’s been on an upward climb for viability over the last decade and it’s finally reaching the point that highly practical – and profitable – applications are arising. 

From healthcare to technology to education, virtual reality will have a lasting impact on how life is done. Our experience with technology for the last several decades has been largely 2 dimensional. We’ve gone from pixelated displays to displays where you can’t even see the pixels anymore. All that means that 2D tech is reaching a cusp of potential. So why not move onto 3D innovation?

Early mass adoption is going to be key to realize the potential that VR has. With modern tech, they give us a portal into another world defined by their size. Smartphones give us a tiny portal into the digital world, for example, but we still exist in the real world. VR, on the other hand, takes you fully out of the real world and into a digital one. 

If consumers adopt VR, then developers will follow. In 2020, VR & AR revenue is set to surpass $120 billion. In order to understand just how VR will change the world, let’s take a look at a few areas in particular. 

VR provides a whole new medium for marketers to convince their prospects to buy their products. From a consumer perspective, it’s not a bad deal either. Being able to see the actual size of a piece of furniture in your room before you buy it online could save you some headaches later. In fact, this particular augmented reality feature is already being used by many furniture retailers across the web.

So, VR has the potential to change much of the world around us, and mostly for the better. While writing, we’re in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Imagine the benefits that VR would have on people’s mental health right now while maintaining social distancing. Virtual worlds seem to be ahead for many of us.


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