AR Sudoku Solver Uses Machine Learning To Solve Puzzles Instantly

Augmented reality is slowly but surely moving past the threshold of novelty and into the realm of useful technology. Investments in the AR market made by companies like Facebook, Intel, Alphabet, and Samsung have fueled this innovation. Currently, the Augmented Reality market is projected to expand to $72.7 billion by 2024.

Growing demand in the healthcare industry for AR modeling and 3D visualization, the appearance of augmented reality head-up displays (HUD) in the automotive world, and the growing use of AR in e-commerce are all contributing to this expected AR boom. However, there are some unsung heroes. 

Nowadays, augmented reality app development is more accessible than ever. Anybody with a computer and a mobile device can have their own interactive world. This has led to the creation of some impressive applications. However, augmented reality Sudoku solvers truly take the cake. Utilizing machine learning, as the name implies, these applications can solve even the most tedious sudoku puzzles in seconds. 

Today we are going to show how you can make your own AR sudoku solver and look at what this complex tool has us excited about the future of augmented reality. Though, we are not too sure Stanley Hudson from The Office would approve. So, tread carefully

Even if you have never experienced augmented reality, you have surely seen it modeled on the big screen. Films like Minority Report and Iron Man might pop into your mind, although of course, the AR in movies is created through special effects, rather than by creating a working AR.In short, augmented reality is the result of using technology to superimpose information like sounds, images, and text onto the real world. Unlike virtual reality (VR), which takes you to a virtual world, augmented reality adds to your current reality. You can trace the history of augmented reality all the way back to the 1960s, with Morton Heilig’s simulated motorcycle experience and Ivan Sutherland’s “Ultimate Display.”


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