The New Brake-By-Wire System Works In The Audi e-Tron

Audi’s e-Tron Sportback comes equipped with a brake-by-wire. The question is if it is safe enough? The video gives us an insight into the technology and electrical engineering of the brake system in Audi’s E-Tron electric.

This new system controls the brakes electronically. A position sensor behind the brake pedal monitors the pressure on the brake, assesses it through electric coding, and then applies the brake synced with the driver’s desired force.

The control unit does this by determining the required hydraulic pressure upon which an electric pump comes to play, which makes the car stop.

The guy talks about how it’s done, what pros it has, and what could go wrong in an emergency situation. Moreover, he also tells ways to control the speed if something goes wrong in the first place.


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