5G Technology

Company Achieves a Live Network With 1.25Gbps Speed Up and Down

The 10G technical milestone was achieved this week at a home in Jacksonville, Florida.

Comcast achieved this key milestone by using Network Function Virtualization (NFV) combined with the latest DOCSIS Technology. The new service, when it becomes available to clients, will be based upon a Distributed Access Architecture (DAA). However, there is no mention of when this speed will be offered to consumers.

“Our customers build their digital lives on the foundation of our Internet service, so we continue to push the technological envelope to anticipate their future needs,” said Tony Werner, President of Technology, Product, Xperience at Comcast Cable.

“The great strength of our network technology is that we will have the ability to scale these next-generation speeds to tens of millions of homes in the future without digging up yards, or starting massive construction projects. This technology provides a path to meeting the needs of the future and making multi-gigabit symmetrical speeds a reality for everyone, not just a select few.”

In order to achieve its new speed, Comcast saw network virtualization and DAA implemented. These features replace the physical elements of traditional networks with software and cloud-based technologies.

Comcast explained that this technology will be key to making multi-gigabit symmetrical speeds widely available and that the trial is an important milestone on the path to eventually enabling 10-gigabit-per-second (1250 Mbps) speeds. 

“We’re excited to move these incredible 10G technologies from the laboratory to the living room,” said Elad Nafshi, Senior Vice President of Next-Generation Access Technologies at Comcast Cable.

“We’ve been inspired by the work our global technical community has done to advance the technologies that made this performance possible and are proud to begin the process of delivering those benefits to customers.”


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