Lego Classes

Skills Your Child Can Develop from Lego Classes

Are you looking for the best Lego classes in Mumbai for kids? Is your child a Lego enthusiast? OMOTEC conducts creative Lego classes in Mumbai & Pune based on the STEAM approach for age-group 5-12 years.

Well, Lego building is one of the most popular activities for children these days. Not only is it trendy, but they are also educational. The creative skills that your child can develop along with logical thinking while playing with Legos are simply unique. Children can learn many things while playing. That is one of the main reasons children need to know how to build Legos early.

Essential Skills That Children Can Learn While Playing Legos

If your child likes playing with Legos, there is a chance that they will be able to learn some creative skills, which will also help them in the future in solving real-life problems.

  • Fine Motor Skills

Using the bricks of the Lego set is the best opportunity for the kids to develop some good motor skills. Children can manipulate Lego bricks to work the fingers, and your child can use motor skills to pick up the pieces and put them together to create the structure. Children love the excitement and thrill of building something and are willing to do it for a long time. Playing with a Lego set will help develop their little muscles and help them with other skills such as writing.

  • Cooperation and Team play

Lego building is also a group activity for children. They will learn to create adventures with these Lego tools and create their designs. Using them with a group of children will allow them to play together and teach them the value of cooperation. Not to mention that they will learn how to build structures as a team this will also lead them to how grouping and teamwork can make things better.

  • Puzzle Solving

It doesn’t matter if your child takes the help of the instruction booklet to create the structure or does it on his own. What they are doing is they are solving some puzzles that are complicated enough for children. This activity is something that can be both entertaining and educational for children. Building Legos will teach them how to tackle more complex problems with problem-solving skills. So, this is a benefit they will cherish for a long time.

  • Persistence

When it comes to Lego building, it not only takes a lot of patience but also requires some persistence. After all, your child will make mistakes, again and again, spoiling the Lego structure. But the main lesson they should learn is that giving up is not an option. They need to keep going until they achieve success. This skill is one of the most important skills children can have at that age.


If you are searching for Lego classes near me, there are quite a few options that you can choose for your child. Lego building will impart excellent skills to children and teach them valuable lessons they can use in their lives. 

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