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Ring’s New Security Camera Is a Drone Flying in Your House

The Always Home Cam drone only flies in and around your house, controlled by you.

Inventions can either be brilliant or disastrous, and it’s hard to tell which one they’ll be when they’re first released. 

You can make your own mind up soon regarding Ring’s latest security camera: the Always Home Cam. This wee drone flies about your home as you control it via an app, and it’s intended to replace regular, fixed home security cams. 

You can see every angle of your home in real-time without having to move around yourself. Again, this may be the next greatest drone invention, or the most ridiculous one. 

The Always Home Cam is well-trained to autonomously fly around your home, as per the map you train it to follow, and then to gently return to its docking station to charge. It’ll put you $249.99 out of pocket once it starts being shipped next year, and will save you buying numerous fixed home security cameras. 

When you first install the Always Home Cam drone, you’ll have to download the Ring App, which is where you initially map out your home’s rooms for the drone to know where to go. You can ask it to specifically go to certain rooms on a schedule, and you can also control it directly from the app if you so wish. 

Sounds pretty good so far. 

The drone only records when in flight, so you won’t be secretly watched as you go about your days. Phew. 

You can set the drone to fly around your house while you’re away, and if there’s an intrusion, a linked Ring Alarm goes off, alerting you and, hopefully, scaring away the intruder. 

Siminoff initially took on the project following a comment from his wife, who had expressed wishes for a system to show her who was at the front door without having to open it. Perhaps she hadn’t heard of a door peephole…

Siminoff also assures future users of the Always Home Cam that it won’t be dangerous to have it flying while you’re at home, as it’s purposefully built to be lightweight so that if it does come crashing down onto your head, you won’t be hurt. 

And to top it all off, you won’t be spooked by the drone as it’s been built to be heard. We’re not sure about you, but having an extra loud-sounding fly buzzing around the house is the last thing on our wishlist for a peaceful home. But who knows, perhaps this invention will prove extremely useful. 


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