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Why is the future inclining toward Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality allows users to experience kinematic, visual and auditory senses in a virtual world at their own convenience. Sitting at home users can visit different locations, interact with other virtual users, or even compete with each other in online games without leaving their house. In other words, virtual reality enables you to establish yourself in a different world; a virtual world.

At present, virtual reality has already introduced itself in many industries ranging from purely business to even tour agencies. Families who are unsure about traveling to a foreign destination can experience it firsthand through virtual headsets before making a final decision. Students exploring university campuses abroad can roam around the campus virtually living thousands of miles away. Virtual reality started out its journey as a gaming accessory and has made its way to the military as well. Soldiers can scout terrain or hostile environments from the comfort of their bases to devise the best strategy.

These are just a scratch of what virtual reality can actually accomplish. In the future, the virtual world will be like a step away and virtual reality equipment will be present in every household. The recent COVID-19 pandemic itself showed us that daily work doesn’t always require a physical presence, but a stronger virtual presence is needed.

Virtual reality is one of those few technologies which can be integrated into every industry today with little to no new development required. It serves the purpose for all people in the society, since it allows them to do what they couldn’t earlier. Disabled senior citizens can visit their family and children can be taken on field trips without leaving their class.

However, the field of Virtual reality needs some upgrades and changes before it can be used at such a wide scale. Many times, virtual reality can invade people’s privacy and unauthorized people can visit restricted areas which will result in legal issues. Apart from this, for a true real world experience, developers are working for the olfactory features so that people can see, hear, feel and smell at the same time.

In conclusion, Virtual reality is yet to be accepted and used by many industries and societies even though its uses are limitless. It’s a technology which will be perfected and accepted in the near future.

By OMOTEC Student – Sidharth Jain, JNIS IBDP 2022

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