Modernizing Retail Centers With Vera, Resonai’s Augmented Reality Platform

Resonai has a fully productized enterprise solution called Vera. It’s equipped with artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies that can embed intelligence into physical retail spaces.

Moscow Trade Center, one of the world’s largest wholesale shopping facilities, uses it to handle its growing pains. Having 6,000+ stores and 1,500 monthly tenant service requests, managing everyone’s maintenance was a challenge. But with Vera—it’s been a completely different story.

In an interview with representatives from Moscow Trade Center and Resonai, we found out that Vera improved operational efficiencies. Their gains in productivity resulted in increased tenant satisfaction. Moreover, it enabled them to identify new revenue streams.

Leveraging immersive technologies helps retailers draw consumers to their physical stores. They can do that by offering engaging in-store experiences.

Vera, for example, contains augmented reality navigation and visualization capabilities. In physical retail spaces, businesses can use it to integrate multiple data sources and create personalized shopping experiences for consumers. “Retailers at wholesale shopping facilities can help shoppers navigate to find products they’re looking for, while providing relevant information at just the right time. They can encourage certain behaviors or manage traffic flows, all while reducing the need for physical contact in the wake of the pandemic,” Resonai representative told ARPost.

Contactless solutions can help retailers cope amidst this global health pandemic and perhaps after. Additionally, it empowers businesses to create new revenue streams from the digital real estate they create. Thus, retailers can not only survive but also thrive in our ever-changing world.

Moscow Trade Center uses Vera’s Smart Ticketing and Navigation features, which automate their maintenance and repair services.

Aside from greater visibility, Vera promotes efficiency. It empowers technicians to complete repairs in a shorter amount of time. To be specific, they’re seeing a 44% decrease in the time it takes to accomplish repairs.

Aside from improving overall tenant satisfaction, their productivity has minimized the need to hire additional staff. As a result, they’ve lowered their operational costs.Lastly, using Vera to automate processes, they’ve extended their commercial operating hours by 30 minutes. In doing so, they’ve also seen an increase in revenue.Vera has many other applications such as Employee Onboarding and Training. In the years to come, Resonai intends to develop new augmented reality applications for other markets and use cases.


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