3 Feb, 2020

About National STEAM Olympiad

by Radhakrishna M | 9th April, 2020 | STEAM Olympiad, NSTO

What is NSTO?

NATIONAL STEAM OLYMPIAD is an AI-based next-generation online evaluation platform for students to test their skills in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Students from all boards can participate and receive an NSTO certificate. Students can also see their ‘dynamic’ ranking in India, city-wise and school wise.

How It Will Help My Child

Kids are doing good in their school life when their parents are supported by them and if the student has the interest to learn something different then studies. The child has good ability and skills to learn something new. If they will get a chance to showcase their talents in the competition they must try in ISPL to learn more things like science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

What are the fees

For Students - INR 1000/-

For Schools - INR 2000/-

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ISPL Payment Coupon Code: MKNSTO50

What are the learning outcomes?

  • Children increase their coding skills and knowledge about science and technology.
  • Increase communication skills and technical knowledge also.
  • Because giving N number of Mock tests will increase their logical level also.

What do the winners/certificates mean?

  • Certificate defines the student has reached a certain standard of knowledge about a given technical subject.
  • Winner will get the price money + certificate + medal (According to the rank).
  • This is a National level Certificate.

What Are the Prices

  • NSTO is an ‘Online’ National STEAM Olympiad Test.
  • Grade 3rd to Grade 12th can participate.
  • Total 5 Clusters
    • - Grade 3 & 4 – Cluster 1
    • - Grade 5 & 6 – Cluster 2
    • - Grade 7 & 8 – Cluster 3
    • - Grade 9 & 10 – Cluster 4
    • - Grade 11 & 12 – Cluster 5
  • Top 3 students from each cluster will be selected, every month.
  • One student can take a maximum of 2 attempts. The best score out of 2 attempts will be selected.

NSTO Awards

Grades: 3rd / 4th, 5th / 6th, 7th / 8th, 9th / 10th, 11th / 12th

Rank 1: Rs.5,000/- Each + Gold Medal + Participation Certificate

Rank 2: Rs.3,000/- Each + Silver Medal + Participation Certificate

Rank 3: Rs.2,000/- Each + Bronze Medal + Participation Certificate

*Rest all the students will receive an online certificate.

When Do I Attempt the Exam?

From between 1st to the end of the month he/she will get a chance to attempt the Final test whenever they want. And the result will be declared on the 2nd of next month on the ISPL site.

How Will OMOTEC Help In This?

OMOTEC is a good platform where the student can learn things with the help of all kind of knowledgeable trainers

OMOTEC provides all facilities to the student for the competition and to guide them for this ISPL online test as well as we recommend them to participate in the regional, national and international level competition of make bot.

We guide them for the mock test and we teach them practically when students are participating in a competition to nearest OMOTEC.

Note:40 Question 20Min